Phase II – 2013

This second phase of the “WWJD Street People Project” will “teach men to fish.”

In third world countries Heiffer International helps families become more self sufficient by having people give them livestock. For example, sheep from which to sell the wool or chickens from which the family can sell the eggs.

In American cities, for our street people, to give them livestock will not work. However, wwjd200with the soaring prices currently being paid for scrap metal in our country, there is a real opportunity to do something similar for our street people as Heifer International does with livestock. That is, to help them earn a living for themselves by collecting scrap metal and turning it in for cash each day, in order to become self sufficient. Scrap metal is to these people what a sheep is to an impoverished person living in a third world country.

Phase I of the project is no longer a priority with us, because at least three other groups we know of are now distributing provisions to the street people. My focus now will be on the next phase of the project, which has little to do with giving them provisions. This next phase will be good for their self-esteem and good for our community, in that, it will help reduce the need for some of them to beg for change. We have all heard the proverb, “if you give a man a fish you feed him for  day but if you teach a man to fish you feed him for a lifetime.”  Not only will the next phase of our project help the Street People be more self-sufficient, it will also help get the hyways and byways of our community cleared of scrap metal.

What Phase II will involve:

The Modification of Recycled Shopping Carts to feasibly accommodate a small scrap metal business for each man living on the Streets of Louisville (and Southern Indiana).

Now begins the Phase II of our ministry, which is to help the street people earn a modest living for themselves and gain a little independence. i.e. Provide the gear for fishing.  I decided to start this web site now at the request of my friends and neighbors who have requested the opportunity to support our efforts to help and guide the local Street People toward self-sufficiency.

This second phase of the WWJD Street People Project will provide the gear so that we can – “teach men to fish.”

Approximately How Much Will Each Modified Cart Cost?

The estimated cost for materials to buy a used cart and modify each one, as described in my formal plan outline above, in phase II of the project, is $195 each, which doesn’t include any of my labor for cutting and welding the wheels, hunting down scrap steel for the rails and hinges, all admin. labor, rent for workshop, storage of carts, my helper’s labor, distribution of finished carts, etc.

How Do We Help?

There are many ways for folks wishing to support this project to help. For all the details on how and where to contribute, please surf on over to our Contribute Page, where you will find a complete list of all the materials needed to build the carts, as well as instructions for getting those materials to us and how to make financial contributions.

Thank you for your support.